You have to face untangling your hair. You don’t want to hurt yourself, but it’s very tangled, so how do you do it? Do you change products for hair care? Do you buy another type of brush to make it easier to comb your hair? Get out complications! Follow these tips to untangle your hair without any damage and know the hairstyles that most favor your hydrated hair!

Steps to comb the hair without damaging it after washing

The air, sleeping with loose hair, being a long time without removing your head … These are some of the factors that make your hair easily tangle.

The main thing, first of all, is to use a shampoo and a conditioner that takes care of and pamper your hair as a real remedy. The Honey Treasures range of Original Remedies perfectly meets the requirements to take care of your hair when it is damaged and brittle, as it repairs the damage, strengthens and protects your hair if you have a hair prone to suffer.

Also, these products contain extracts of ingredients such as royal jelly, propolis, and honey, three components that offer deep hydration to your hair. The propolis is a natural resin produced by bees that used to protect and fill gaps in their hives. Its action on the nose is very similar, generating a unique protective barrier! The royal jelly, also known as “bee milk,” is a nutrient-rich concentrate with a high content of vitamin B. No wonder it’s best friend too brittle hair and treated. Finally,

extremely rich in sugars, honey offers deep nutrition to the hair without weighing it down, in addition to a beautiful smell.

If in your beauty routine you use the right products for your hair, including a lot of conditioners, it will be much easier to comb it later. After the conditioner, use a mask about 5 minutes in your hair to detangle it much better then and nourish it in depth.

Also, to take care of the tips, after styling, you can use the Honey Reeds tip sealer from Original Remedies, as the last step in your routine. It will protect your tips by strengthening them and providing a shine on them.

Ideal hairstyles after washing your hair

Next, we offer you several looks to wear that hydrated mane that you have achieved thanks to these cares! These are the most demanded hairstyles for the most daring girls!

  • Do you want a rock toupee? Apply foam on your damp hair focusing on the roots, then dry your hair upside down. When it is practically dry, emphasize the source to maximize the volume and then use a curling iron to get waves. Collect half of the hair with a wig and secure it with hairpins! You will see what a cool hairstyle!
  • Tousled bun! Divide your hair by making a side parting, apply foam, mainly on the ends and then dry it as you usually would. With the help of a barbed comb, card the hair in the root part, to give it more volume and roll all the hair in ringlets, forming a bun. Then, adjust it with forks. An ideal look for your day today!
  • I am dancing bun! Make yourself a very tall ponytail and turn it into ringlets. Make a bun and then fix it with some forks too. Also, take out some strands to make it more casual and casual!

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