Although many may think that brown hair is dull, the truth is that this hair color offers a vast range of possibilities. Blonde wicks are nothing more than one of them, and they become any person and any haircut. The best? They will give light to the face, and it will appear that your hair has naturally lightened with the sun.

How to get blonde wicks in brown hair?

Forget about having to go to the hairdresser to make your wicks. You can do it from the comfort of your home, and you will love the result. Also, it is much easier than you think.

To get the tone you are looking for, Nutrisse’s 100% Extra Natural Light Blonde Dye is perfect. In addition to clarifying up to 4 shades, it includes a nourishing mask with four oils that will leave your hair silky and shiny.

The first thing you should do is an allergy test 48 hours before applying the product. Once you have verified that no reaction appears, you can continue with the rest of the steps. Covering your clothes with a towel around your shoulders and with dirty hair to better grip the color, divide the hair with the stripe in the center. Then, separate the lower layers of the nose to start applying the previously prepared mixture.

The best thing to get the blonde wicks is to help yourself with a brush and apply the mixture in fine strands. For a more natural finish, you must start with the tips, and with less product on the brush, climb to the root.

Then, follow the rest of the instructions and wait for the marked time. Once you wash your hair and apply the mask, you will discover your new look with blonde wicks!

Who can carry these wicks?

The idea to apply these wicks is that they are skinny to achieve a natural finish. In this way, it will illuminate the face, which makes them suitable for all types of faces.

Also, they look good with any cut and hairstyle, but there is one that stands out. Bet on a half mane and with undone waves. In addition to highlighting the color of your newly released wicks, it is a haircut that is very fashionable. You will be the protagonist!

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