So you do not doubt more about what products you should use, we create the definitive guide, so you know entirely which products are suitable for your hair type.

Curly hair

Curly hair requires specific care to be able to wear printing curls. The key is to keep it hydrated to eliminate frizz, and the coil is defined. Getting it is easier than you think if you know how to do it and what products you should use.

For washing, you can use the Curls Shampoo and the Conditioner. This range will leave your elastic and ultra nourished curls.

If you are looking for extra nutrition, try the Curls Contouring Mask. Its high moisturizing power will surprise you!

Dry hair

If you have dry hair, surely you have tried all the tricks to hydrate your hair, but you don’t know how to keep it perfect. You may not have found the right ingredients … The Repair 3 Butter range is ideal for dehydrated hair and, thanks to its shea butter, nourishes intensely. Try the Repair 3 Butter Shampoo and accompany it with the Repair 3 Butter Shampoo. The best? You can also apply it to dry hair without rinsing.

You can also apply the Hair Food Banana mask. In addition to feeding your hair, its delicious aroma will make you fall in love.

Frizzy hair

Frizz can be a real nightmare. In addition to giving a more scruffy look to the mane, you can wear some hairstyles. Don’t worry. Frizz also has a solution.

The simplest way to remedy it is to resort to products designed for straight hair. For example, the Smooth & Gloss range will make your task very easy. In addition to the shampoo, mask, and conditioner routine, the 10-in-1 Rinse Cream will become your must. Its formula protects against frizz for 72 hours. Try it, and you will get hooked!

The Hair Food Macadamia mask will also help you control frizz. Since it can be used without rinsing and on dry hair, you have to apply a small amount on dry hair and comb it with your fingers. The hair will remain without frizz any longer and without weighing it down.

Spoiled hair

Although it may seem impossible, recovering the health of damaged hair is simpler than you think. Either for the abuse of irons or dryer, for dyeing yourself very often or for any other reason, for this, you must resort to repairing formulas that work from the inside of the hair fiber to return to the hair its optimal state. Goodbye Damages will help you get it. If you have the most damaged tips, the SOS Repair Goodbye Damage Serum will help you seal them and improve their appearance.

Hair Food Macadamia will also serve to repair damaged hair intensely. You will notice the difference!

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