Changing the look usually gives a bit of vertigo, mainly if it includes going through a dye. However, you don’t have to be afraid of him. With these tips, there will be no look that resists you!

First, choose the color

Be it a radical change or a small twist to your current color, and you must first decide which shade of dye you will apply. To do this, you must look at your skin type. Pale skins are better suited for light tones such as blond, dark blond or those that contrast with skin like redheads. In the case of brown leather, light brown and coppery are perfect as they illuminate the face. A dark black tone is also suitable for this type of skin as well as mahogany colors.

However, the most important thing is that you choose the color you like best!

Is it time to dye?

Surely if you think about dying, what matters most to you is not to spoil your hair. Therefore, although dyes are less and less hair, you should assess whether your hair is healthy enough to go through that process. If you notice it too dry or weak, it is probably not the best time to dye it.

Whatever the state of your hair, it never hurts to give it a hydration bath before dyeing it. To do this, use your favorite mask and apply it two days before dying. Then, wrap your head with a towel and let the cover take effect for half an hour. We recommend you do it with Hair Aloe Vera. Besides nourishing intensely, you can use it later as a treatment without rinsing.

Dye yourself!

The most important thing to dye is to read carefully and follow the instructions for use that are included in the pack. Before starting the process, you will have to do an allergy test 48 hours before, to make sure that your skin will not suffer a reaction when applying the dye (it is essential not to skip this step!).

Then, you must proceed to apply the mixture of products on your hair. For this, it is recommended to do it with dirty hair, yes, as you are reading it, so that the dye can grab better. Section by section, go extending the product starting at the root. Once you have finished with that area, you can apply it to the tips. Remember that during the process you should wear plastic gloves and cover your clothes with a towel to avoid staining.

TIP: If you still have small spots on the forehead or in the area of ​​the ears, the micellar water will help you get rid of them in a pee! Especially Micellar Water in Oil.

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