With the arrival of good weather, you always want to change your look and wear one according to the summer. Therefore, surfer-inspired hairstyles are usually a success. Blonde California wicks are the key to giving light to the face and mimicking the result of a sun-washed mane.

How to get blonde California wicks?

Although you think that this type of coloring is complicated to achieve and requires going to the hairdresser, the truth is that it is much easier than you think. From your own home, you can take some California wicks and wear the perfect summer shoe.

To do this, you only need a bleach, such as Olia’s D +++ Bleach.

Forty-eight hours after the allergy test, you can proceed to dye. After covering your clothes with a towel around your shoulders, separate the hair into 4 zones. Put on your gloves and prepare the mixture. Section by section, apply the bleach by the tips. Wait 15 minutes for the bleach to take effect.

Then, place a little product between the index finger and heart and apply the mixture on the hair means. Leave it on again for 15 minutes. This will make the transition to the blonde more fluid and the result more natural.

Finally, lighten your hair and dazzle with your blonde California wicks.

Also, if you want to make sure that your newly released California wicks do not acquire an orange hue, you should only apply the Olia Super Matting. Its formula balances the color of your hair, and you will say goodbye to the yellow chicken that can get dyed hair.

If you want to follow the step by step, take a look at this tutorial. You will see how easy!

What hairstyles are best with blonde California wicks?

These types of wicks are very versatile and look good with any hairstyle, but some will make your hair stand out even more.

  • Waves surfer s: how could it be otherwise, a tone of surfing inspiration has its chord hairstyle. Make yourself some undone waves with the help of an iron, and you will have the perfect hairstyle for the day today.
  • Boho braids: this hair color looks great with a boho-inspired hairstyle. Take small strands and brush them around the entire head. The idea is that the result is irregular and relaxed, so have fun combing your hair.
  • Pins: they are the most significant trend of the season, and it is straightforward to follow. With the stripe to the side, pick up the mane with a pin at the height of the temple. The result is the chicest!

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