The secret to showing off a great shot is usually keeping it hydrated. If we talk about curly hair, this step is essential so follow our advice to show off curls.

Choose the shampoo well

Curl care begins at the time of washing. To get a perfect result, you should opt for moisturizing formulas that define the curls. Therefore, the Nutri Curls Contouring range is complete. The Nutri Curls Contouring Shampoo and its pistachio oil nourishes the hair deeply and also does not cake. The result? Loose, defined, and elastic curls as you always dreamed.

The conditioner, a must

The conditioner is an essential product in the curly hair care routine. And, to get some defined curls, it is necessary to untangle them correctly in the shower. Apply the Nutri Curls Contouring Conditioner after having washed your hair and take the opportunity to untangle your hair with your fingers. In this way, when the hair dries, you will discover elastic and defined curls. The formula of our Nutri Curls Contouring Conditioner not only controls frizz for 96 hours. Also, it deeply nourishes the hair for a hydrated mane.

Do not forget the mask!

If you are looking for extra hydration on the mane, the most crucial step is the mask. This product allows you to give a hydration bath that your curls will appreciate: they will look more elastic and defined. Opt for the Nutri Curls Contouring Mask that, in just 3 minutes, will intensely nourish your curls. You will get hooked on it!

Dry it with your head

After following the curly hair care routine, it is essential to keep your hair hydrated on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, you should avoid any factor that dries your hair and ruin the results you have achieved with such care. After the shower, avoid the dryer. Instead, remove excess moisture with a microfiber towel that will help you control frizz and let it air dry. In addition to not drying the hair, you will maintain the original shape of your curls, and they will be more defined. If for any reason the use of the dryer is indispensable, use the diffuser. This allows you to put more distance between the heat source and the mane and helps to shape your curly hair.

The Nutri Rizos Uncured Cream does not require the use of a dryer. Try it, and you will quickly get perfect curls by letting your hair dry in the air. It will hook you!

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