If you have dull and damaged hair, start the race to heal and restore vitality and shine quickly. If you no longer know how to recover your hair, do not forget to read this article where we explain the keys to revitalize it and give it a perfect look.

The reasons behind dull and damaged hair

Many factors cause our hair to look tired and malnourished. First, we have external and natural agents such as the sun’s rays. If the incidence of these is very prolonged, it is most likely that the hair suffers and breaks.

Another determining factor, and very common, is the abuse of dryers and irons. It is always better to avoid them if you have the possibility, and if there is no other, you should try to use them with caution, using thermal protectors among other hair products.

And finally, permanent dyes, which can also cause the hair to dry out slowly. Therefore, we recommend more natural alternatives such as the Nutrisse range, which thanks to its intense nutritional formula with three oils (avocado, olive, and blackcurrant), you will get a silky and shiny hair while the color looks intense, deep and long-lasting.

Learn to revitalize your hair off!

The main thing to take care of your hair, whatever type it is, is to choose products that are specific to your hair type. Products intended for curly hair will not work for a straight one. In this case, what we will look for are products designed to repair, revitalize, and protect damaged hair.

Therefore, Original Remedies Maple Remedy will be the most authentic remedy that will help you achieve it. It is a therapeutic recipe that combines the restorative power of Maple Sap and the nutritional properties of Almond Oil to restore lost vitality and softness to your hair.

Do not forget to combine the use of the mask and cream oil, two products that give your hair the nutrients it has lost and give it the final touch of softness and shine. The mask will help you nourish and repair your hair intensely, providing strength and endurance. On the other hand, the cream oil, which you can use in both dry and wet hair, will help you facilitate the hairstyle and make your hair bright and soft to the touch.

You should also take other aspects into account, such as:

  • Do not use hot water, as it dries hair more than warm or cold.
  • Rinse thoroughly until there is no product left.
  • Do not rub the hair with the towel too hard.
  • Avoid drying it with the dryer.
  • Apply for thermal protection before ironing your hair.

Follow these steps, and you will see how your hair stops being off! Get intensely repaired and revitalized hair, full of life.

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