Moisture and rain are the eternal enemies of smooth hair, but here we tell you how to keep them at bay: Straight hair 1- Rain 0!

Surely you’ve ever experienced a similar situation. After a good, while trying to straighten your hair and, when you leave home, you realize that it is raining. SOS! The fear of losing the smart board that has cost you so much to achieve invades you. And not only that, your hair threatens to curl and become a lioness. Quiet, there is no remedy. If you follow our advice, you will be able to keep your hair straight in the most extreme situations, and you will be the envy of all your friends.

How should I straighten hair?

If you are looking for the smoothing to last much longer, the process should start from washing. To do this, choose specific products for straight hair. We suggest that you use the Fructis Smooth & Shine Fortifying Shampoo and the Fructis Smooth & Shine Conditioner. This range not only facilitates and maintains smoothing. Also, it protects the hair from frizz and moisture, just what you need!

After washing your hair, straighten it as you usually do: with a hairdryer, with an iron or without heat … Following the routine we propose, you will notice it softer and brighter. See for yourself!

And now, how do I keep my hair straight?

We already know that straight hair and moisture are not compatible, but it is possible to have a mane like a board and last. Three tips super easy to follow and that you might not have asked yourself:

  1. Addons are your allies

On rainy days, you can take advantage to give a fun touch to your hairstyle. Playing with headbands or head-knotted scarves, the frizziness caused by moisture will be easier to control. In the rain, give a refreshing touch to the hair!

  1. Set the hairstyle

Although it is not a permanent barrier against moisture, a touch of lacquer helps keep frizz aside. The finish Fructis Style Extra Strong is resistant to moisture, Perfect for rainy days!

  1. Choose your hairstyle

If you are looking for a hairstyle that resists moisture, the ponytail will be your best ally. And, having more subject hair, will not curl. Also, if the smoothing starts to disappear, you will get a wavy ponytail that never goes out of style!

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