When, after much thought, you decide to opt for a look with discolored hair, you have to be aware of the risks that the hair runs. However, with minimal attention, discolored hair can look and feel completely healthy. Follow our tips!

Whether you want to get a platinum blonde look rock and roll style or if you want to dye a fantasy color, the way to get to the look is to bleach your hair. This process can be aggressive with the hair and leave it fragile and dehydrated. But don’t worry, it has an easy solution!

Maintain a platinum hair

One of the dangers of bleached hair is that it tends to adopt an orange hue that moves away from the platinum you were looking for. To do this, you can take care of it with the Super Matizante of Olia, a mask that corrects the color that, with its violet pigments, will return to your mane the color you were looking for. Use it once a week, and you will boast a blond blow!

Dry hair? Never!

When your hair is discolored, you can end up with dry, fragile, and straw-like hair. This is easily solved if you follow a hair care routine tailored to your needs.

In the case of discolored hair, maintaining the tone is not the only priority. You should also give a hydration boost to restore shine and health to your hair.

For this, the best option is to follow the three steps of Nutri Repair. After washing your hair with your shampoo and apply the conditioner. You should not forget to wear your mask, perfect for dry hair. Thanks to its combination of three oils: olive, avocado, and shea, you will be able to nourish the hair and keep it soft. Dry hair? Forget him.

Watch out for the heat

The biggest enemy of bleached hair is heat sources. Being a hair with a tendency to dryness, temperature changes can further weaken the hair. Therefore, whenever you can, you should try to let your hair dry in the open air. Forget about the dryer and use the irons sometimes counted. You will notice more hydrated hair and get a natural finish in the hairstyle.

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