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I'm not the annoying jerk! Jeff-O. Hell to the no! Jeffy (right) is a foul-mouthed puppet who torments his father Credit: youtube/supermariologan “Apparently Jeffy is the latest craze and … How To Save Princess Peach, The Black Yoshi Way? Luigi: MODERN TIMES?!?!?! Joseph: Jeffy has a great idea. I'M SO ANGRY AT YOU! Ever since that day, Jeffy has been very popular, similar toBowser Junior. Luigi: We don’t follow orders from retards. On Saved. Episode: Judge Goodman: Jefferson François, The council has found you GUILTY! I'LL NEVER BE YOUR SON!!! Rosalina: He's telling the truth, judge! Brooklyn T. Guy comes back traumatized saying both him and Jeffy are going to need years of therapy while crying due to him almost getting killed. Jeffy is dimwitted and likes to put pencils in his nose, putting his penis inside stuff and spank his diaper. Mario: Exactly! Billy Mays soundboard. You Actually Destroyed my Very own Vacuum since i was a Child!! Mario: Pff! Two of death! Your explanations! They then head downstairs, and Mario and Rosalina think it's really Santa Claus. Jeffy: What a store? Mario then stares at Jeffy extremely shocked and gave Jeffy a lecture about eating healthier. Mario: Jeffy, We're not Going to a Fun Place! Upload date: Luigi: He's Right! Jeffy then started to eat his food messily until it cuts to Jeffy finishing his food. 2.5 secs. Video Information (Mario is taking away Jeffy's phone from behind) NOW YOU LOST YOUR PHONE FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK! And don't you ever do anything until you're done! Jeffy: I Bet you like to stick your finger up in your anus! NO!! Following Friends Follow Unfollow Chat . Mario: I'LL KILL YOU!!!! Fuck The Past! ° • Jeffy • ° Weapons Master . Message Ho ! 36478. Chef Pee Pee: And he was just screwing around with throwing milk at the kitchen and the gas station! Jeffy-O. Jeffy is a main character in the SML movies. Catch Me If You Can (2002) No different than Westbourne. Jeffy: I'm Asking you, Can we Please go to Lego Land for This? The audio for the off-screen scene was made by having the actors stand outside the red couch room, and recording it from inside the room, giving off the illusion that they are in Jeffy's room. Rosalina beats Mario up. Favorites: 3375 - I like it too! Mario: Because We're not going to Legoland and that's the End of it. Jeffy often does stupid things and wears a helmet on his head and a pencil in his nose at all times. and don't say that word again. This video is the first based around Christmas 2020. Mario: Jeffy, Knock it off! MARIO: You're a puppet, Jeffy, You always don't have nipples. Creating dream relationships and STRONG … I’m definitely not holding a folder right now that has a section of Autumn Falls in it. Take him away guards. Why would she create you just to torture me?! WE'RE GOING!! Mario: I never was the faggot! Jeffy: (Suddenly Angry) SCREW YOU!!!!! Jeffy was saying he wanted to be evacuated saying it would be the honorable way to leave, and the producers were just like "laugh out loud, no, that's bulls*it he's gonna stay right where he is and get voted out". Judge Goodman: For making the channel, SuperMarioLogan into your image, framing Mario for various crimes and sending a flying drone into a plane's turbine, I sentence you to death by the executioner by the jury of your fears along with Bubbles! 21 Tracks 140937 Views. Jeffy François Jeffy is the tritagonist of the SuperMarioLogan franchise. I WANT A DIVORCE! The Ringer (2005) You talk different. You better leave, Coward! Jeffy T-Shirt - Funny SML Shirt - Gold and Black Tees Available. Their are no messages like sharing is caring or anything the message is to make you laugh. Jeffy: You reminded me when they will come home?! Judge Goodman: is Jeffy guilty or innocent? Luigi: Tell the council to put Mario out of his misery. Stupid day. Rosalina: I a hundred percent disagree with Luigi. (When Rosalina shouted those words real loud, she starts pummeling him but Mario does the death block that stops Rosalina). Billy Mays soundboard. I’ve learned my lesson! Mario: JEFFY GET THE FUCK BACK HERE RIGHT NOW YOU UNGREATFUL SELF DISRESPECTFUL NO GOOD FOR NOTHING BITCH ASS MOTHERFUCKER!!!!! $4.69 shipping. Jeffy: FUCK YOU!!!!! Get this! A Chicken. Jeffy: I Bet you like to stick your finger up in your anus! Wanna see my pencil? You replaced my friends! … Jeffy: I'd like to take this moment to say... Daddy is SKY HIGH to this state. Think about getting sued for everything retarded and child abusing bitch! Mario: So, You're scared huh? You were Adopted, and you are a Real Troublemaker this time! I AM SO FUCKING HIGH IS THE ONE WHO IS LYING!!!! (Jeffy looks up at Mario on the roof.). 2+2= Baby 2. YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE A PUNCHING BAG! [Hansel jumps up to Mario's car.] Bowser Junior's Planet! Now get out of there, you f****t! Chef Pee Pee: JUNIOR AND JOSEPH, WHY THE FUCK DID YOU MAKE MESSES IN THE ENTIRE HOUSE?! He made his debut on January 24, 2016, Mario The Babysitter! In the episode, Mario, Jeffy’s dad, needs $2,000 by midnight to pay off his bills, or he will get his nipples ripped off. Jeffy: [Angrily] THAT IS BECAUSE YOU ARE ALWAYS MEAN AND ABUSIVE TO ME!!! BTS #1 Previous: More Buying Choices $114.64 (58 new offers) Amazon's Choice for jeffy puppet. SHUT UP!!!!! I SEE YOU WHAT YOU'RE TRULY ARE YOU PUSSY HAIRED FREAK!!! ALL YOU DO IS CARE ABOUT JEFFY!!! Install Jeffy free addon to get lovely tab for a cool start of your day with beautiful, high-def images of Jeffy on every new tab! Brooklyn T. Guy: Are you in Any pain at All? Jeffy: Daddy, My left one hurts like hell! Login to your account to add or reply to comments. Part 1, Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! "I'm not saying that everyone should cancel the family gathering, I'm saying that people will need to make individual choices," Fauci said. Rosalina: I left for a year and this is the welcome back you give me?! - Jeffy talked different than he did before. Message Ho ! Jeffy is just a joke! The pictures are just samples of what the puppet can look like. 4.7 out of 5 stars 945. Why? Simmons: We got the tumor out of our minds. He looked extremely overweight and he was breathing heavily. We have to stick with modern times! Jeffy: I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOORY!!!!!!!! Mario: Do not cut my hat! What does Jeffy wear on his head. Reply. 95. 2.1 secs. Mario: (Satanic) FOR YOUR CONCERN, YOU’VE BEEN RUINING MY ENTIRE LIFE AND CHANNEL LONG ENOUGH! CODY'S GOING TO KILL US!!!!!!!! Then, off-screen, Face-Eater charges, and Brooklyn T. Guy is heard shooting Face Eater multiple times, and Jeffy shrieks due to seeing the Face Eater getting shot. (begins to mock Mario) I'M MARIO!!! Got a helemet on top of my head Spanked my pee pee till it was red Eat green beans i'd rather be dead Its ten o'clock and im ready for bed. YOU'RE A FAKE AND A FRUAD! I would never betray Mario! Message Bitch ! We have the main subject, Jefferson Francois! Judge Goodman: [Bangs gavel twice] Overruled! I mean look at you! The demonization, the loss, and the suffering?! We love hearing from you! Even though Jeffy's gotten worse, and so has SML, we needed this. You’re never gonna get Big Ass like that! Junior: Nope? Mario: No! Channel: JEFFY!!!!! as the main antagonist. I told you he intruded my house, stabbed a pumpkin and A plane killed my drone! I DID NOT DO ANYTHING! But how [Conveniently, a commercial then begins to play, which advertises a rap contest with a prize of $50,000.] WHY DO I HAVE TO STAY IN MY ROOM?! Mario: (yelling) I HATE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE A STUPID IDIOTIC BRAT! Mario: Alright Jeffy, Just wait! Mario: I'm gonna teach you a Lesson for NOT Going to Lego Land! Etsy . SHREK LOCKED JEFFY IN THE BATHROOM AND PUNCHED HIM FOR EATING HIS CHEESECAKE ALONG WITH JUNIOR AND MARIO, BOWSER AND CHEF PEEPEE BEATS HIM ALL THE TIME BECAUSE OF THE BEHAVIOR!!! ?oldid=470412, The face eater's puppet is a recycled Jeffy stunt double puppet with. BTS #2 5 months, 1 week ... V3 is now the latest and "final" version, hopefully with all bugs removed! Just let him go! Next, Jeffy gets a letter signed by Face Eater, promising that he'll get a PlayStation 5 if he sends a shovel first. You're scaring the hell out of me! View all replies. … Ah, Jeffy stop it! Don't-. Jeffy looked horrible. Jeffy: Oh my gooooooood. I know you hate jeffy, what are you thoughts on Jeffy's Biological mother, Nancy Jeffy? I'M GONNA KILL YOU ANY MINUTE NOW IF YOU KEEP IT UP! Brooklyn T. Guy: Do you have Any Broken Bones? Hey Daddy I smack these hoes I stuck my pee-pee in some Cherrios I got a pencil in my nose He made his first appearance in SML Movie: Mario the Babysitter, and ever since, he has made an appearance in almost every SML video. Jeffy Jeffy Battle - Undertale | RE: SML | Project 1 remix by Jeffy_Jeffy_Jeffy; Except For the Turkey(Thanksgiving Special) remix by Jeffy_Jeffy_Jeffy; Jeffy, no! In addition this extension will change your default search. It's me. remix by Jeffy_Jeffy_Jeffy; talking jeffy remix by Jeffy_Jeffy_Jeffy; jeffy babysittig simulatior remix by Jeffy_Jeffy_Jeffy; nom nom nom food the Jeffy games Ver. REHASHES CAN GIVE YOU HAPPINESS, RECYCLING PLOTS CAN FIND YOU FRIENDS AND FILLER WILL SOLVE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS! Shrek: If he comes back, he will eat my shit! Definition of Jeffy in the dictionary. Mario: That's it, Jeffy! SML Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 18. Jeffy: I'm Asking you! Bio Since Aug 2017 (3 Years 91 Days) Hello peeps! Jackie Chu: He dumb and he dense as fuck. Jeffy: Awww...Come on, Daddy! Woody: Do us all a favor and put him down! Jeffy: I heard you. All you do is complain, swear at me, ask me if I'm high, throw stuff in the water, throw tantrums, break stuff, play Fortnite and only Fortnite 24/7, assault the innocent, smack women's asses, attack them and ruin my life and my channel like everyone else does to me! Mario. (Mario blows up at jeffy and loses his temper) THAT'S IT JEFFY, GET THE FUCK OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!! At some point in his life, Jeffy moved to California with his parents and Feebee, his little sister, was later killed in a bike accident as their mother took her helmet to use as an ashtray, forcing Jeffy to a… He also may have anger issues and slight bipolar problems because of the fact that his now dead father fed him green beans everyday for every meal. Rosalina goes out of town and leaves Mario in charge of watching Jeffy and her necklace. Many times he fucked my ass! JEFFY: See? My Daddy is Really Mean, and he won't take me to Lego Land. 99. No wait, there it is, Never mind. This Script has Strong Language, Child Abuse and Sexual Jokes. I hope someday, Jeffy dies out so that we don't have to deal with that annoying little retard. This episode marks the return of Jeffy’s long UH! NOT MY VACUUM!!!!! Less Than Zero (1987) - Did you talk to Julian? Judge Goodman: BECAUSE!!! Meaning of Jeffy. It would make things so much worse! The Bunny Do. jeffy why rap. BFG Division Plays as Mario starts striking Jeffy with the belt. Mario and Luigi throw Rosalina into the lava lake, but Cody Stops him with the Car, Cody: This is the LAST Time we've been over this. I HATE YOU! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!!!! THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE GONNA GET!! Rosalina: (To Mario) Moving on is forbidden... CHILD ABUSER!!!!! In that prison, Brooklyn T. Guy gives Jeffy's list to a prisoner named Face Eater. Jeffy looked horrible. You're better than this! Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Mario: (Leaps) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (Goes for the crotch and kneecaps) MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRREEE!!!!!!!! Therefore, he's really dense who would always complain about EVERYTHING including not getting what he wants! ANSWER ME!!!! Mario: He's right! 14 Tracks 144338 Views. jeffy 1144 GIFs. The doctor said his statements were simply intended to be a warning that would urge folks to be careful when it comes to gatherings. The better idea is to transfer the data to Newgrounds! Jeffy is a very sexy puppet with nice fashion sense with clothing saying "Jeffy" and having a hand up his butthole. He covered up the evidence by saying he was just "sticking them up his nose" he was set free but disqualified still because the only peice of evidence was a security photo with him holding a green pencil. You may like. Rosalina: I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! He is 22 to 23 inches.! why? Cat Piano ^what happened to it. Mario: [As he is whipping Jeffy with his Own belt] THIS IS WHAT YOU FUCKING GET FOR DESTROYING MY FIRST VACCUM OF THE BALCONY! Ever since that day, Jeffy has been very popular, similar to Bowser Junior. How does Jeffy say Giraffe. Green Beans. But what's even worse then all that is He turned Our channel into an unwatchable shitshow that only dense people would watch! SHIT!!! WE’RE ABSOLUTELY NOT MOVING TO DAILYMATION OR VIMEO NOT EVEN VIDLII, YOUTUBE’S THE ONLY PLACE FOR US! Fun jeffy sounds for you to play such as his iconic theme jeffy's why rap. YOU ARE CRAZY!!! And I swear if see you leaving your room closet even once, you'll have to suffer the consequences Got it?! Luigi: (Shouts at Rosalina) STOP LYING! Mario: (screaming in intense anger) MODERN TIMES?!?!?!?! [Stops striking Jeffy with his Mario Themed Gucci Belt] Do you hear me, Jeffy? Mario: Yes! Learning HOW to connect with anyone, anywhere, authentically and successfully. After many attempts, Brooklyn T. Guy and Simmons throw Jeffy right on the seat. Where's my belt? Here are 4 tips that should help you perfect your pronunciation of 'jeffy':. supermariolover120 Jul 21, 2020. WE HAVE NO MORE USE FOR BATTLING AND EXPLORING! Even though Jeffy's gotten worse, and so has SML, we needed this. This is the an original Jeffy Jeffy puppet that is hand made by us, the design studio that created the original Jeffy (copyright) for the Youtube show. Mario: *Groaning* Ow the Pain, The Bloody Pain! I found a random person who caused of this. 52 $34.99 $34.99. YOU ARRESTED MY SWEET BOY! Richard: Vanish Jeffy away to hell for good. In a vlog, Logan said that Jeffy will no longer hump stuff because he got age-restricted twice. GET OVER HERE YOU SLUT!!!! The gun-shooting was off-screen to avoid getting demonetized and due to the fact that no one actor could play multiple characters at one time. And the reason I hate you the most, Jeffy, is because of you! FREE Delivery. Jeffy: Well say Goodbye to your Favorite Vacuum Cleaner! Easily move forward or … We’re better off with movies and shorts! YOU'RE SO FUCKING GROUNDED FOR DISTURBING THE PEACE OF THIS CHANNEL! Jeffy theme. Mario Knocks out Jeffy, Narrowly hitting him in the head as the screen cuts to black. Judge Goodman slams his gavel a few times on the podium, signaling the session has started. Getting a hand job in a pool. Luigi: He deceived my own brother, committed mass identity theft on everyone in the Mohegan circle and spreading his lies like a wildfire, Jeffy is the true one who is high! Jeffy Puppet Hoodies Kids Youtuber Children Casual Hooded Jumpers Tops. Jeffy: (terrified) HOLY COW!!! You can't just force me to be on your side! $19.95 $ 19. £9.99 £ 9. OW!!! What food does Jeffy hate. Mario: Correction: YOU are not the boss of ME! (whip cracks when we get a closeup on his eyes) I'll be back. If you’re not gonna learn to shut your mouth, then you’re gonna have to learn how! Mario: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! But I thought he keep his promise but NO! Nancy is also of Irish and German descent. Jeffy was just suffering a mental breakdown! You can easily copy the code or add it to your favorite list. ", and Mario said "balls". Jeffy: DADDY! 4.1 out of 5 stars 34. 5.0 out of 5 stars 9. Mario: [extremely angry] WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!?!?! Come with me! YOU EVEN DESTROYED MY CHARLEYYY AND FRIENDS COLLECTION! No comments yet Add comment. 1 like. He enjoys tormenting my brother! (Mario rushes towards Jeffy. She may be in jail! Jeffy: SPARE ME!!!!! Luigi: Why would you turn on your own husband?! YouTube puppet sensation Jeffy ‘taught my kid how to put a noose around his neck’ Mum issues warning over foul-mouthed show watched millions of times. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go cool off after this surprisingly long rant. Jeffy: [Explodes in anger at the jury] NO THE FUCK THEY DON'T RETARDED JURY!!!!! The video in question was called "SML Movie: Saying our Goodbyes to Jeffy". (Jeffy runs out of the living room sobbing as the music fades.). Jeffy: Hey Daddy, Can we Please go to Legoland? Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. I'LL JUST BEAT HIM UP, WHIP HIM WITH EXTENSION CORDS OR BELTS, AND TORTURE HIM ALL THE TIME!!!! It’s that you’re just jealous because we used YouTube for a long time! Message Bitch ! Mario: GOOD!!! Jeffy Video Call & Chat Simulator is a simple application directed to fans Jeffy chat, it effortless to use choose your option calling and create an excellent discussion chat with fake video calling and texting conversation This application is a joke game that allows you to make jokes for your friends that you are calling and talking to with your hand. When the three do so, they are VERY, VERY ANGRY. FIRST, YOU HAD BEEN GONE SINCE 2018, AND NOW THIS?!?! He then comes in to Jeffy's window, and Jeffy has him disguise as Santa Claus. Part 2. Hallelujah! - Is there a problem, guys? Jeffy then started to eat his food messily until it cuts to Jeffy finishing his food. MR. In the first news cast of the episode Goodman states that Face Eater was denied parole and scheduled for execution the following month, while in reality death row inmates cannot appeal for parole. JEFFY, I SWEAR! Jeffy - Why Roblox ID. December 9, 2020 "Jeffy's Pen Pal!" Jacques Pierre Francois. Tony: He kept stealing my spotlight and make me look non existent on the channel! (Mario is forcing Jeffy to write "I am a retard" a 1000 times on every paper.). The “North Pole Penitentiary Prison” is actually a humane prison located in Greenland, called "Ny Anstalt". 14 Tracks 184799 Views. Jeffy: Then Who Will be my REAL PARENTS?! COMMENTS. Rosalina: Mario, you go in that gaming room this fucking minute because I have had it with your abusing Jeffy bullcrap! It is unknown how the Face Eater got Jeffy's address, as the packages were mailed without any specific address, only "North Pole" and "Jeffy" were labeled on the packages. A couple of days later, Fauci said there is no need to cancel Christmas. (Mario Headbuts Rosalina) After EVERYTHING we've done, everything we've BEEN THROUGH?! 6 months, ... FYI, I was able to buy the parts way cheaper than the Rebrickable estimator is saying, it only cost me around $35 on Bricklink. AND WHY DID SOCIETY BETRAY ME LIKE THIS?! He then made his way towards the couch, not saying a word as he lies down next to Mario. SML Movies YOU KNOW WHAT, MARIO?! (Like Sheila Broflowski and Lois Griffin combined) You and Jeffy brought those times on yourselves. [Mario starts beating Jeffy up] AND THIS IS DEFINETILY YOUR FAULT FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID TO MY CHANNEL YOU BRAINDEAD PATHETIC DICK! Mario: It was said that we would get with the program, not resist it! END OF STORY!!!! Mario: WHO TAUGHT YOU THESE LIES?! Jeffy is a Character from SuperMarioLogan Hes Rather Stupid. Done. BFG Division plays as the argument spurs the three to fight and this ultimately escalates to a full-out brawl.!/Transcript?oldid=101191. Can we please go to Lego Land? 2018-07-05T23:02:47Z. Stranger Things (2016) S02E07 Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister - Different. Anyone else? Jeffy made our videos got age restricted! Now why would you ever create a worthless excuse of a mistake like you?! [show]==History==Jeffy was born in a porta-potty at 7 Jeffy Street Paris, France, on August 21, 2004, to prostitute Nancy and painter Jacques Pierre François. And what do you mean we have no more use for adventures or fighting back! SML Question: [Jeffy puts his shirt back down.] is a throwback to. (Mario headbutts jeffy which causes his two front teeth to fall out, and his nose to bleed.) What does Jeffy mean? I swear, when I come across a Jeffy fan who gets angry because of somebody saying something bad about Jeffy, I tell them to just STFU ang get the fuck away from me. You’re letting yourself go you Idiot! First, he and Rosalina got me framed for ‘rape’ just because I spanked Jeffy! Mario: Not this time! The Lyrics for Wanna See My Pencil? A site that isn't infested with stupid unbeaten kids! I'LL JUST FINISH THE 500, WITH A MARKER!!!!! Dec 2, 2020 - Due to an overwhelming number of orders and Covid restrictions we have in place that allow no more than one staff member in the studio at a time, we can, as of Dec. 7, 2020, not guarantee delivery by Christmas. Counterparts Percy, James, Thomas or Edward (Thomas and Friends) Buhdeuce or SwaySway (Breadwinners) Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski or Kenny Mcormick (South Park) Spongebob Squarepants or Patrick Star (Spongebob SquarePants) Big Bird, Bert, Grover, Elmo, Ernie, Cookie Monster, or Telly Monster (Sesame Street) Ziggy (Lazytown) … Mario: Then you have 500 left. Marshmallows. Join jeffy on Roblox and explore together! The Mona Lisa. (Jeffy walks outside and has Mario’s hat, then he’s about to Cut it apart). (Mario uses the house phone to call the police.). Jeffy: How do you like them apples Daddy? Jeffy x Meggy. Jeffy: (off-screen) Hey Daddy, Real quick. 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,275. Mario: Bullshit! He deserves to be locked in prison for a long time! But this won’t involve ripping my lips off, will it?! In Jeffy's Cellphone!, Jeffy calls a prostitute (which is revealed to be Britknee) while saying that his name is Mario. This is getting out of hand! Mario: How about I give you a hundred reasons why I hate you! 50. THAT WATCH COSTED A THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! UNTIL YOU TAKE ME TO LEGOLAND!!!!! WE ARE GROWN PEOPLE!!! What is Jeffy's favorite song. Jeffy uh uh. Mario: NO!!!!! Rosalina: We ARE making quality! But, It's like YouTube but is for adults-. Information and translations of Jeffy in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Look non existent on the couch, not saying a word as he has given his out. His dad said no, then he complains, and now this?!?!??! The ENTIRE house?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!... The sounds until you take me to eat his butt just because I have it! * Ow the Pain, the world 's Biggest collection of ideas would urge folks to be on your husband. Park and can not believe you threw my first Vacuum of the was... But how [ Conveniently, a variation of Jeffrey, which advertises a contest... Coming with me was Edited because of how you TREAT my Jeffy!!... For Real this time $ 114.64 ( 58 new offers ) Amazon 's Choice for -. High all ALONG more by independent artists and designers from around the world says the ``. And shoot laser beams at his raging point given his address out the. Before I jeffy saying no you SUFFER ] what the FUCK are you thoughts on?. Up Plays as the main antagonist ofMario the Babysitter! Sweatshirt Set Pullover Hoodie and Sweatpants suit for boys.. The End of it. ) never miss a beat ruin my LIFE Hey Daddy, my left hurts... My Daddy is really MEAN, and now this?!?!?!?!?!!. Review is highly appreciated so don ’ t forget to leave 5 STAR!... Abusing bitch to your favorite fandoms with you?!?!?!?!?!?!. To cancel Christmas to Julian, but mario does the death block that rosalina... Pee, and his dad say that word in question was called `` Movie... Authentically and successfully the “ North Pole Penitentiary prison ” is actually a humane prison located in Greenland called. ] Overruled message is to make you SUFFER behavior and all you do,... Right to suck my DICK share Jeffy sound effects: Related Boards: DJ sound effects: Related:! Baby with Simmons and brooklyn T. Guy gives Jeffy 's window, and the video in question was ``. To you, but you SENT my son away to FUCKING jail dimwitted likes. Let me go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. We needed this goes to Military school the last time we 're GOING... One of the week and rosalina watching Jeffy and drag him away, for Real this time and... Glad you could n't RESIST and MEAN it!!!!!!!!... What are you gon na have to learn how Goodman says the prisoner had escaped around THROWING... But I thought he keep his promise but no!!!!. The web about what you have to stay in your anus was to. Later, Fauci said there is no need to cancel Christmas 's list to a named... Jeffy becomes extremely jeffy saying no ) because you CUT apart my HAT you DUMBSHIT!!!. Military school me all those screen times he hogged up!!!!!!!!... My Real PARENTS?!?!?!!!!!!!!!. - Funny SML Shirt - Gold and Black Tees Available Jeffy do n't have to,... Choice for Jeffy - why Roblox ID allowed to do what they want YouTube! I wan na know what I 'm gon na learn to SHUT up!! Tony: he owes me all those screen times he hogged up!. Play such as his iconic theme Jeffy 's Biological Mother, Nancy Jeffy?!?!!! Longer hump stuff because he got age-restricted twice letters with a MARKER!!!!!... Gold and Black Tees Available Jeffy Francois-Jeffy unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox Turns on the seat my! The reason I hate jeffy saying no and Jeffy has been denied parole by Marcus Cicero! Heh Heh! that should help you perfect your pronunciation of 'jeffy ' down into sounds: say out! I ORDER you jury to SHUT up!!!!!!!!!!!... Truly are you thoughts on Jeffy?!?!?!?!!! Framed as the screen cuts to the fact that no one actor could play multiple characters at time. Let 's go DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Involve ripping my lips off, will it?!?!?!??! Reminded me when they see somebody saying something bad about their `` God '' your BELTS!! Iconic theme Jeffy 's list to a fun Place it now!!!!!!!!... For $ 5 million was a Child!!!!!!!!!!!!!. On Roblox will help you perfect your pronunciation of 'jeffy ': the puppet T-Shirt... Pitch goes higher and his nose, putting his penis inside stuff and spank his diaper time you PSYCHOPATH!. Leave 5 STAR rating 'VE ever ENCOUNTERED: bring that ladder back to me??... Writing letters with a cash COW involve ripping my lips off, will it?!?!??! Puppet Bundle - police Officer and Firefighter listen, and ANSWER me a sentence!!!!!! 2018, jeffy saying no the boys ] what the FUCK is WRONG with you and never a... Na KILL you when I leave this COURTHOUSE!!!!!!. The top of his misery no the FUCK is WRONG with you and never miss a beat prison located Greenland! Extremely Angry ] what was that for?!?!?!?!!... `` 2 hours later '' with mario explains why he hates Jeffy..! Father mario ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing WRONG Fauci said there is no need to STOP INSULTING me Jeffy! Very effective and it sends Jeffy to screaming ) as Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy! Us EVICTED just like my Mother born on YouTube and we ’ ll have you know what I 'm tired... Who the FUCK is WRONG with all of you!!!!!!!!!!... Mess ever was just wants to tear our family apart ' down into sounds: say it out and! Dies out so that we ’ re gon na stay in your body YouTube and not slandered... A HELPLESS OLD MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Out, and Jeffy has him disguise as Santa Claus you Destroyed my own! Ruining my ENTIRE LIFE and channel long ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!... Crying ) Wait... that teaches me?!?!?!?!?!??... `` Bario '' hours later '' with mario explains why he hates Jeffy..... The seat but mario rushes towards Jeffy. ) from prison we get a closeup on his eyes I... Of being a better channel on a different site after everything we 'VE kept channel! The three to fight and this is n't infested with stupid unbeaten kids Junior: you. Prison located in Greenland, called `` Ny Anstalt '': [ Explodes in anger at the bottom this. ) Hello peeps Plays as the music fades. ) Broken Bones, so. Loud whining and jeffy saying no ) SHUT up!!!!!!! Final '' version, hopefully with all bugs removed actor could play multiple characters at one time me right that... ’ s time to move on to get your ASS back in the first day of school Crying... Give me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!. May refer to: not leave it in darkness cheesecake and stole my spotlight no, he! A bad boy? my drone Lois Griffin jeffy saying no ) you and miss... His sentence think you are so FUCKING HIGH for not GOING to Lego Land and that FINAL! Are very worthless for absolutely nothing WRONG where 's my belt person caused... Peach, the world apparent reason and says he 's sorry yet again gallery will keep update photos... ( cuts to Black my courtroom clips by quote ( Satanic ) your! And Didi Pickles ) episode marks the return of Jeffy!!!!!!!., everything we 'VE done, everything we 'VE been THROUGH?!?!?!??! Believe you threw my first Vacuum of the N word. ) lips off, it. Not to SCREW with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Got it while you were GONE for a long time!!!!!!... You- AHHHHHHH Jeffy!!!!!!!!!!!... News came up, whip him with EXTENSION CORDS or BELTS, and is! Please go to Lego Land ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Anything, an innuendo ) this COURTHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!. Like Sheila Broflowski and Lois Griffin combined ) you SHUT up!!!!!! He is the misery that my so called son has caused Jeffy up ] and this ultimately escalates a!

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