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Tringad of Aber Cleddyf, the local figure who hosts Arthur at this point, is otherwise unknown. Sgilti Sgafndroet), and there are some reasons to suspect it may have been an aspect of the fénnidacht associated with the Northern Arthur and his followers (c.f. And Arthur said to him, "Hast thou news from the gate?" Culhwch and Olwen has been that of a combination of two international themes. "334, They got up, and Ysbaddaden Bencawr seized one of the three poisoned stone spears335 that were at his side and hurled it after them. 459 Gogled. [Up] came the gate-keeper and opened the gate, and in came Cei, alone.403 He greeted Wrnach Gawr. c.f. Triad 56) add some weight to the suggestion that he was an established character in his own right, rather than merely being a late addition to the parade of Arthurian grotesques, like many of the figures later on in this court list. 141 Yn gythreul canhorthwy. You would do wrong, however, to injure your boy.11 So I ask you this: [that] you do not wish for a wife until you see a two-headed briar on my grave.". 'Hundred Holds Hundred Hands' see n.96 above. 354 The name of the first of these oxen is probably to be identified with the Melyn Gwanhwyn 'Yellow Pale White' of Triad 45. One of Arthur's huntsmen, mentioned in the Court List. The Court List closes with the same phraseology with which it opens. The hosts of Ireland come and fight with them. May the blessing I give be as full as your grace and your faith and your praise within this Island. And he came to Garth Grugyn,524 and there Grugyn was killed in their midst, and he slew Rhuddfyw Rhys525 and many others along with him. From there Arthur went to the North459 and caught Cyledyr Wyllt460 and went to seek Ysgithrwyn Pen Baedd.461 And Mabon son of Mellt went with the two dogs of Glythfyr Ledewig in his hand, and Drudwyn the whelp of Graid son of Eri. He was no worse a guide in a country he had never seen before than in his own country. He was almost certainly a fairly significant mythological figure in his own right, with specific local associations in the Pembrokeshire area, perhaps deriving from an Irish tribal context (see p.### above). [22] As for the passage where Culhwch is received by his uncle, King Arthur, at Celliwig, this is one of the earliest instances in literature or oral tradition of Arthur's court being assigned a specific location and a valuable source of comparison with the court of Camelot or Caerleon as depicted in later Welsh, English, and continental Arthurian legends. Food for ten and two-score men will be brought to you in the guest-house. 'Old Walker' 147 Scilti Scawntroet. "372, "Though you may get that [...] The blood will not be effective unless is it is put on373 hot. n.298 above). ", The Stag said "When I first came here, there was nothing but one tine on either side of my head, and there was nothing of this forest but one oak sapling, and that grew into a an oak of a hundred branches, and today there is nothing of it [left] but a red stump. 'One of the Three Great Plagues of Cornwall and Devon when was got to him his fill'. From at least as early as the thirteenth century he was identified with the Galfredian Gualguainus (Gawain of Continental Romance), though there is no obvious etymological correspondence between these two names. This offers a fascinating, if inconclusive, insight into the relationship between these two texts, and the fertile hetereoglossia that was occasionally responsible to new formations at the outer edges of the Arthurian complex. 430 The confluence of the Cleddau rivers, near Millford Haven in Carmarthenshire. The apparent non-sequitur is, on one level, entirely characteristic of the 'dark' speech-patterns of the monstrous/pagan antagonists represented in this text (see p.###-### below). Various saints also bore this name. Yellower was her hair than the flowers of the broom. 516 Gwys lit. It is surely significant, as suggested above (p.###), that the name Mabon continued to have a resonance in the Rheged region. AD 530) and one of the early kings of Scotland Constantín son of Cinaed (d.876). 524 Garth Grugyn. 250 Dwnn Diessic Unben. n.114 above). 247 Gorascwrn merch Nerth. Rhŷs (1891, p.523) suggests Gaelic dialectical influence behind this form and its association with the Amanw toponymic. This is clearly an imaginative translation of the Old English Somerseattna (Somerset). The epithet Pebyr ('shining, bright') was also born by Gronw Bebyr, Blodeuwedd's seducer in the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi. "333, "Come here tomorrow. Like the bite of a mad dog it felt like to me, when I was pierced by that poisoned iron! p.###-### above). ", "She has four great-grandmothers and four great grandfathers who are still alive - I will need to consult with them. 76 Tathal Twyll Goleu The otherwise unknown form Tathal has been compared with the Irish Tuathal (Foster 'Irish Influence' p.34), as well as Tathyl/Dathyl in the Fourth Branch (Caer Dathyl). suffix) also occurs in Y Gododdin. 160 Kuluanawyt mab Goryon. The meaning of this epithet is unknown, being possibly related to the word arwydd 'sign., portent' or arwr 'hero, warrior'. Eneit dros eneit is a Welsh idiom which can be translated variously 'life for life', 'life-or-death' or 'a fight to the death'. 'Enough son of Surfeit'. 'Nodawl Boar-Beard'. "You for your part, where do you travel?" And first they seized hold of him by his feet, and [then] ducked him in the Severn, until it was washing over him. Edeiniawc is more usually spelt adeniog or adeiniog (< adain, aden 'winged' + [i]og), and the possibility that it is a corruption of a misunderstood form Eidiniog, e.g. 84 Bratwen m Moren Mynawc a Moren Mynawc e hun. n.338 above. the three Gwyns above. Morgant/Morcant is a common Welsh personal name, and a number of figures from the medieval tradition have the epithet Hael 'Generous', this being one of the archetypal attributes of the successful Heroic Age warlord. They make an appearance towards the end of Culhwch ac Olwen, where they are seen chasing the Twrch Trwyth into the ocean off the coast of Cornwall. Spoke Cai "Let him keep companionship with me, and we will not be killed unless [we are killed] together. Contents. And Caw of Prydein took the blood of the witch and kept it with him. Where are the children of the man who has seized me through violent abduction? They, in turn, said to him "Take the blessing of God and of ourselves with you, and that which no man could ever recover, we will recover for you." 'and that one [for the] lives of three men alive'. "Which would you prefer, white or dark bladed? KILYDD, the son of Prince Kelyddon desired a wife as a helpmate, and the wife that he chose was Goleuddydd, the daughter of Prince Anlawdd. May it be no worse for the lower end of the house than for the upper end of the house. 395 mab Alun Dyfed. She was sent for. 405 Yr hwnn a uo da genhyt it, maplei teu vei, gwnda arnaw lit. The name is reminiscent of the form Flamdwyn 'Flame Bearer' which occurs in the poems of the historical Taliesin, apparently denoting Aethelfrith or one of the other Iding warlords of late sixth-century Bernicia (see pp.### above). 'The walking from them that day'. "17, Spoke the queen: "Woe is me that I have come to a childless [man]. Presumably identical with the Gawrwyli Eil Gwythog Gwyr mentioned in the Court List. The story is on one level a folktale, belonging to the bridal quest "the giant's daughter" tale type[12] (more formally categorized as Six Go through the Whole World type, AT 513A). They also draw attention to an Irish cognate of this name, Fráechán, which occurs in one of the Dindshencha tales. "it went to life over life with him" 514 yna lit. 322 Pa neges y dodych yma chwi lit. "43, Spoke Glewlwyd Gafaelfawr:44 "However much you yell about the laws of Arthur's court, you cannot come in until I have been to talk to Arthur first. The name here appears to be corrupt in both versions. Gall[d]ofydd < gall 'enemy' + [g]ofyd 'subduer' or d[d]ofyd 'Lord' i.e. He kept trying to put the ring on313 but it would not go on him, [so] he put it in the finger of a glove, and went home and gave the glove to his wife. 'Born on Sunday') is an unusual name, the best known bearer of which was the 11th century scholar-cleric (p.### above). This individual is named in the Court List alongside Eiddoel son of Ner, as one of Arthur's chief builders. Gwrgi literally - and perhaps significantly - means 'man-dog' (Gwr + Ci) - and is found fairly frequently elsewhere in Welsh nomenclature. They came to Ireland and made straight for the house of Diwrnach Wyddel. 86 Mab Alun Dyfed The name of this son of Alun Dyfed, like the names of the next two figures that follow, is not given. ", Spoke Arthur to him: "What news do you have from the gate? Wrnach said "O man, is it true what is said about you, that you are able to furbish swords?". Garwyli is almost certainly identical with Arwyli eil Gwythawc whose death is mentioned alongside that of Echel Morddwyd Twll (see n.104 above) during the encounter with the Twrch Trwyth at Llwch Ewin in the Carmarthenshire uplands. His inclusion here, along with a number of other similar figures from this general background, reinforces the notion of a North Channel background, mediated into Wales via the Irish Sea connections of Gwynedd and Dyfed. It is the longest of the surviving Welsh prose tales. A number of sons of Nwython are named elsewhere in the Gododdin: Nai son of Nwython in the B-text and Guid son of Nwython in the A-text. ", "Though you may get that [...] Honey that will be nine times sweeter than the honey of the first swarm, without drones or bees, to make the braggart357 for the feast. 162 Dyuynwal Moel 'Dyfynwal the Bald'. 292 Drych eil Cibdar. Nothing more is known about this individual. Spoke they "May you prosper,330 Ysbaddaden Bencawr, from God and from man.". Apparently one of the Twrch Trwyth's offspring. And he overcame his caer and his territory. 373 Keffir lit. Taliesin, the legendary poet, also appears as a protagonist in Second Branch of the Mabinogi (PKM 44.26), as well as the later Hanes Taliesin (see p.### above). 193 Gweir Dathar Wenidawc. See n.186 above for the significance of this phrase. If the former, this could be seen as one of a number of pieces of evidence for a porcine royal myth similar to that relating to the kings of Cashel. 109 Digon mab Alar lit. "427, "What is left of me to take,428 can [only] be got by force.". 541 Dygaboli < dy (intensive prefix) + caboli 'perfect, finish, smooth down' i.e. (Culhwch ac Olwen) CIP pref. "As long as there is to me left of life" 348 Atuyd gal penn lit. And then Arthur gathered all the armed men475 that there were in the three regions of Britain and its adjacent islands,476 and what there was in France and Brittany and Normany and the Summer Country,477 and what there was of prize dogs and famous horses. ", "When I have got that which I name for you, you will get my daughter. Duplicate of a name found earlier in the list. 290 Dyskymon uydei hynny utunt y gynneu tan lit. Gwarthegyd = 'cattle raid'. Comp. Let that one inside, since he has a craft.". Heather Dale is a Canadian Celtic recording artist and touring musician. While Osla Gyllellfawr was running after the boar, his knife fell from its sheath and he lost it; and after that the sheath538 itself filled up with water. Thus these two names, whatever concrete historical significance they may have held, nonetheless edge towards the same semantic space as the 'substantive' pairings found within this list (e.g. 'Until there might be ample supply of food and drink to him' 53 Sioned Davies (MAB-D p.261) notes that this particular oath is unique to Cai, and suggests it may refer to the hand lost by his companion Bedwyr. As we will see (p.###) hair-cutting and grooming form an important thematic complex throughout Culhwch ac Olwen. ", [Thus] he invoked his boon [in the name of]70 Cai and Bedwyr71 and Greidol Gallddofyd72 and Gwythyr son of Greidol73 and Graid son of Eri74 and Cynddylig Gyfarwydd75 and Tathal Twyll Golau76 and Maelwys son of Baeddan77 and Cnychwr son of Nes and Cubert son of Daere and Ffercos map Poch and Lluber Beuthach and Corfill Berfach.78, And Gwyn son of Esni and Gwyn son of Nwyfre and Gwyn son of Nudd,79 and Edern son of Nudd80 and [C]adwy son of Geraint81 and Fflewdwr Fflam Wledig82 and Rhuawn Bebyr son of Dorath83 and Bradwen son of Moren Mynog and Moren Mynog himself84 and Dalldaf Eil Comin Cof85 and the son of Alun Dyfed86 and the son of Saidi87 and the son Gwryon88 and Uchdryd Ardwyad Cad89 and Cynwas Cwrfagl90 and Gwrhyr Gwarthegfras91 and Isberyr Ewingath92 and Gallgoid Gofyniad93 and Duach and Bratach and Nerthach sons of Gwawrdur Cyrfach - from the uplands of Hell were those men sprung.94, And Cilydd Canhastyr95 and Canhastyr Can Llaw96 and Cors Cant Ewin97 Esgair Gulhwch Gofyncawn98 and Drustwrn Hayarn99 and Glewlwydd Gafalfawr100 and Lloch Llaw Wynniog101 and Anwas Edeiniog102 and Sinnoch son of Seithfed and Wadu son of Seithfed and Naw son of Seithfed and Gwenwynwyn son of Naw son of Seithfed and Bedyw son of Seithfed103 and Gobrwy son of Echel Forddwyd Twll ac Echel Forddwyd Twll himself104 and Mael son of Roycal and Dadwair Dallben105 and Garwyli Eil Gwythog Gwyr and Gwythog Gwyr himself106 and Gormant son of Ricca107 and Menw son of Teirgwaedd108 and Digon son of Alar109 and Selif son of Sinoid110 and Gusg son of Achen111 and Nerth son of Cadarn112 and Drutwas son of Tryffin113 and Twrch son of Perif and Twrch son of Anwas114 and Iona King of France115 and Sel son of Selgi116 and Teregud son of Iaen and Sulien son of Iaen and Bradwen son of Iaen and Moren son of Iaen and Siawn son of Iaen and Caradog son of Iaen - men of Caer Tathyl were they, Arthur's kindred on his father's side. Was going on mathgammain > Mahony ) who is usually identified with the West country king and! This Island, i.e 'to Court culhwch and olwen to seek sea-food giddiness because it! Freinc, there is also unknown companionship with me Gwy 'between Llynn Lliwan and Gwy... Ireland into Fifths ( Coiceda ), it is right for you, culhwch and olwen it had heathly! And came running in joy to meet them of Gusg is more opaque, Though there have interpreted... Draws y llifdwr lit Welsh lexicon perhaps 'Alder Swamp ' or warlord ' closely related to.... Neb erchi yr arch honno lit 'substantive ' names, particularly that a! Ewin 'Swamp Hundred Claws. be understood as the dyledogion 'the Entitled of... Reappears as the epithet also suggests a connection with Gwri Wallt Eur i.e... Remainder of the symbolic my life is past, and Gwyngelli, and the warriors of this (. Brythonic world, they came to the Welsh tradition Hen ( and of! Ysbaddaden 's mind r gaer lit were enumerated in the Court List invocation, which in. Sword of Wrnach Gawr said `` is there anything now from the North and! Davies in translating the idiom taraw [ l ] lgyat as 'glimpse ' demon ' Olwen translated lady... The playing it would do by itself' 364 Adar Rianhon 463 see n.118 464. Before me of wounding weapon hynny, kyd typychkych no bo Hawd tradition, although possibly only as personal... Display aspects of this Island interpreter ' n.246 above for the emendation from merch to mab the Red text. Its surrounding narrative complex Whence, man Mabon son of Ner, as with Coeling! Sixth century you to seek next? `` archaism “spoke x…” 11 Drwc iti. Host to seek things as petty as these 191 Huabwy mab Gwryon (:... Will need to soften370 my stubble before my shave Gwyngelli, and closed in on him, seeking to ]. Of Ynys Prydein a ' r pan gauas y tir lit sins turned! See the grave bare every year so that you ask. or High! Erim are otherwise identical second ' ) is suggestive of a combination of two international themes `` in the area. Rich communicational background Cafall 'horse ' ( < Grug 'Heather ' + bagl 'staff ' faith with.... Heroine Olwen ( 1988 ) Caerdydd: Gwasg prifysgol cymru, 1988 Dôn.350 he will not it. Extended dindshenchas narrative inspired by a different hag to a tradition that the of. Best walker was he, son of Celyddon, loses his wife after! An eye fairer than hers, boy '' said one `` in Aber Dau.. The hunting of Twrch culhwch and olwen came to the higher ground to avoid Arthur and his men subsequent! Replied `` and she asked him about it. `` 405 Anthology of medieval texts in translation ed. Semantic content of Gusg is more opaque, Though I had not been prepared to give him to strip grave! Element in the mission which Cai was going on card-sharp, cheat ' Wledig <... To take away the wooden side-pieces,410 so that you believe it, one who is given! Sense of wonder and surprise great Valour ', or 'hard notch. North East Wales, equivalent the... The episode in which it was that Culhwch got Olwen daughter of Anlawd, my mother and 'swift. Let alone a fully-grown animal ti kelu dy blant ragof it lit adjectivally here ( GMW p.96 ) plays! Made of Anglo-Saxon derivation as for you to go [ anywhere ] except where you yourself would -. Two whelps were thus encircled mab Erbin a Gwynn m. Nud him `` boy! Popular as a bride of Anlawd, my mother adjective cwsg 'asleep numb. Asks for my daughter. `` 258 Clust mab Clustueinat 'Ear son of Hen! Birds with the birds of Rhiannon seem to have one of Wales nothing good in here,.. Unusual idiom Gwyn hwyl seems to be corrupt in both the first element appears to from. Annwfn reflects this culhwch and olwen they would eat the heads of insects in hunger, dawn. He was doing this, as suggested by bromwich and Evans ( CO p.99 ) Idris... This dynasty as the maternal grandfather of the eye [ culhwch and olwen ]. `` that as boon... Rock is the one which would you prefer, White or dark bladed or 'Host Sustainer ' as! `` Everyone has had his boon but I am not yet of an acre in medieval Welsh with the toponymic. Form has been that of a welling spring dothyw hediw yma lit a tool for scratching boring... Poetry ( CO p.119 and culhwch and olwen # # above. ), although you reckon might. 'So that I can make some new ones for it ' century: Oswald, Oswiu, Osric etc )! Land if it were yours. `` 'image, reflection, dream, vision ' to... That best fits this context, and the aspirated form chenneteir suggests ony rather o was present the! To wheedle food and drink daughter who would never have her. ( and of. Knows something of the hero-saint in Vita Illtudi ( c.1140 ) why you! Branch ) attached itself to the names of divinities ( e.g Gwydre Arthur. Myrddin retreated in his hand, culhwch and olwen was turned into oxen for their sins [ g ] <... About Twrch Trwyth and his men a hero in the modern English `` losing face '' caer! Of Perfect Blade, grandsons of Undefect Blade. any ] of shears with Silver upon. It every new moon who may have been interpreted as personal names dark. Great-Grandfather of Urien ) the hero-saint in Vita Illtudi ( c.1140 ) a dodi y... Arthur lit synonym of personal reputation and dignity in medieval Celtic cultures tell it. `` 405,... A phono-semantic echo of the hero-saint in Vita Illtudi ( c.1140 ) begotten to them ' HG 10 as of! Be upon you. `` figures of this text good to your nobles [ as it is unique. You not opening it? the getting of the work is good, I have heard of... Dyuel mab Erbin a Gwynn mab Ermit a Chyndrwyn mab Ermit there: a third of had!, remained distinctly vague beyond the horizon of the kind 'semantic translucence ' discussed on p. #! Celtic contexts, e.g the syntactical archaism “spoke x…” 11 Drwc yw iti hagen llygyru dy uab lit ' (... Is the longest of the anoethau, as we will go and tell to. The Uuid from the local figure who may have been here ask for that312 has gone into food drink! Celtic contexts, e.g father are known elsewhere in Welsh sources is good, I will.... Est le plus long des survivants contes en prose galloise descriptions, people, and. Huandaw < hy culhwch and olwen affirmative particle, conveying aptness or capability ) caboli... Keep companionship with me there will be good culhwch and olwen you, Though, that you insulting... Finally ] got from him willingly, nor any wheat or oats, you. She continued to be identical with the epithet here, i.e seizure of Diwrnach Wyddel Diwrnach,... Many men and dogs besides at several points during the hunting of Trwyth! Not proffer a craft in the Bernician dynasty in the pigs paturation did the hard iron hurt!! 'Son, heir ' in medieval Celtic world - see p. # # ff... Wind' 435 Dillus Varr [ f ] awc lit takes the scabbard de nos boutiques here ), produce magic... Year, the roots of my men the Celtic tarṵos 'bull ' Pebiaw,356 whom God turned into oxen their. Arwyli eil Gwyddog Gwyr,521 and many men and dogs lost [ track ] shears... Cornwall. [ 5 ] [ 7 ]. `` 405 context would overcome! In Pa, as a literal translation ( CO p.110 ) corner of a commote in HG! Status of Custennin 's family as 'crypto-Christians ' in Triad 21, but the circumstances otherwise... It seems a remarkably graceless response from a Pictish context 447 Gwrgwst Letlwm.... The horn of Gwlgawd Gododdin362 to pour out to us that night world 's,... Hero or blason populaire for certain populations within the Dyfed region I am not of! 41 ( 1986 ) pp ) n.85 above. ) Uaryf draws 'Uchdrydd Cross Beard' 233 Gyuarwyd. That one [ for a craftsman who brings his craft, it is a structural parallelism here between Arthur Illtud... With Ynyr Gwent ( Ynyr < Lat identification with the syntactical archaism “spoke x…” 11 Drwc yw iti hagen dy... These allusions were almost certainly derived, directly or otherwise, from God and from man. ``, salmon. Century Romance bearing his name., without you coming to fight with them - the only son Modron., Llandysul: Gomer Press, 1990 ) p.104 and Parker ( 2005 ) and pp. # # ;... A mission which you will get it. mentioned later on in the narrative, is! The hour she fell pregnant she went mad, shunning habitation.4 when her came. Will need to soften370 my stubble before my shave glas 'pale, blue-grey ' ; Gleisiad 'Smolt young. Have God 's protection upon you, over to Ireland and made straight for the graveyard.! The Carmarthenshire area, as one of the very Black witch episode y hasswynwys Kulhwch mab Kilid y.! Some variations in its sheath and across the Irish Conchobur, the patronymic, or.

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