Sometimes, grandma’s remedies are usually the ones that can help us the most. If we also turn to them for a beauty moment, the result is generally surprisingly effective.

In the case of getting a straight hair without iron, the solution is in a way to comb your nose that allows you to smooth the hair and reduce frizz quickly. This method is called “toga” and consists of winding the hair around the head by stretching the hair to achieve the desired effect.

How can I straighten hair?

To carry out this system, you have to have a little patience and follow these steps:

Start with clean hair

The process of getting straight hair should start from the inside. Therefore, when you wash your hair, you should use products that facilitate straightening and control frizz. We recommend the Coconut and Cocoa range of Original Remedies. After using your disciplining Shampoo, don’t forget to nourish your hair with the Nourishing Nourishing Mask. The power of its coconut oil makes it easier to smooth and help you in the next steps. When you have, it applied, take the opportunity to untangle the hair.

Reduces humidity

Once you have left the shower, lower the moisture of your hair a little. To do this, use a towel – preferably microfiber to avoid frizz – and remember that you should never rub your hair but press it with your hands so as not to break it.

Roll up!

With 80% still wet hair, untangle the hair again with the help of a brush. This step is essential so that the result is as expected. Then, strand by strand, you should wrap it around the head by stretching it well with a comb. Go holding them with tweezers or forks to hold on.

Tip: If you are afraid that the tweezers leave a mark on your hair, you can place a piece of paper between the clip and the nose.

Wait for magic

Once you have all the hair rolled, you can place a hairnet or a handkerchief on top to prevent it from fading during drying. Then, you have to wait until it is scorched. The ideal? Keep the gown overnight to dry 100% and last longer smooth.

Finally, you have to take off your tweezers and brush your hair. Magic! You will have the smoothest hair without using any heat. You will have perfect wool to make these hairstyles straight hair.

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