With the arrival of spring, feel like giving a breath of fresh air to our looks. In addition to changing the styles, it is usually the time when we most want to refresh our hair. With these hairstyles that we propose, it will be straightforward for you to succeed.

The ponytail never fails

A ponytail is always a straightforward resource that never goes out of style. This season, high and polished pigtails will be all the rage. To get it, you have to pick up the hair at the top of the crown, leaving it tight. To do this, it will be easier for you to use the rubber with a hook that allows you to collect the hair without any strand escaping. Then, hide the rubber by passing a strand and fixing it with a fork. Finally, apply a bit of Laca Fructis Style Extra healthy to glue the loose hairs and give a glossy finish.

This hairstyle is no longer relegated to casual looks. It is a very fashionable hairstyle to wear on special occasions. If you are thinking about your look for a wedding this spring, the high ponytail will be perfect with a dress with an open back. The sexiest!

Surf waves

The surf waves are always the most appealing as soon as the sun rises. This season, they are worn with a finish as natural as possible. Forget about spending hours with the irons to get a Californian style hairstyle. Once you have left the shower, remove excess moisture with a towel. Then, let it air dry and apply a little of the Fructis Style 5 Actions Foam. Shake the mane with the help of your fingers, and you will get a wave of the most natural. If you have short hair, you can also do it; the result will be the most relaxed hairstyle of the summer.


The primary trend of this season for hairstyles are accessories. No matter the style, the important thing is to decorate your hair. To do this, you can opt for pins in metallic tones that will transport you directly to your childhood. Divide the mane with the stripe to the side and pick up one team with one or two pins. Thus, you will get a very Parisian look that will surprise everyone.

If you prefer, you can also pick up your hair with the help of a handkerchief with a colorful print. In addition to being a different option to the queue, your shot will capture all eyes.

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