Honey-colored wicks, the perfect tone for all

When you are looking for a change of look, it is quite common that you want to play safe and not give a radical change. When we talk about coloring, this is important. We usually look for colors that give a breath of fresh air to our hair but that we can continue to recognize ourselves in it. An excellent way to get it is thanks to the wicks. In this way, we build a new look based on what we already had.

Honey-colored wicks are the perfect shade for a subtle look change. If you have brown hair and are looking to illuminate your hair and face, that tone is ideal for you. If you are blonde, you can also opt for honey-colored wicks. You will get a substantial effect on the mane that will give you a lot of play in different hairstyles.

How to get honey-colored wicks?

Changing the look and wearing one of the tones of the season is very easy and you can do it from your own home. Forget about going to a hairdresser: you can change your look yourself and for much less money.

To do this, bet on the honey blonde dye 8.31 from Olia. Its formula covers 100% gray hair and its oils will leave your hair soft and shiny.

After 48 hours of the allergy test, you follow the instructions included in the product carefully. Cover your clothes with a towel and separate the mane into two halves. With the help of a brush, go separating strands and applying the mixture by sections. Ideally, the strands are thin so that the result is as natural and uniform. Follow the technique of balayage wicks, and the result will not disappoint you.

When the product’s time has elapsed, wash your hair and discover how good your new wicks feel.

Honey-colored wicks are perfect for the arrival of good weather. If you are brown, it will seem that your hair has naturally lightened by the sun and you will get a surfer look with which you will not fail.

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