Each season, new coloring trends emerge from the most appealing that social networks invade. The results are surprising and can lead you to think that only in a hairdresser can you get them with a little bit of skill and our advice. You will be able to bring the most top coloring trends to your hair.

Look ombre

This coloring technique involves wearing degraded hair. That is, the roots go dark and, little by little, they degrade to the tips that get much lighter. To understand it quickly, it is a technique similar to Californian wicks but with a much more natural and progressive finish.

The best way to achieve this is to clarify the tips. This look is perfect for brown and blond hair so if you are thinking about changing your look, go ahead!

Once 48 hours have passed since the product allergy test, you can proceed to bleach your hair. Protect your clothes with a towel around your shoulders and prepare the mixture. Then, with your hands protected with gloves, apply the product on the tips of all your hair.

Once covered, apply the mixture in the media and comb from the root. In this way, you will be able to spread the mixture well and concentrate the product, especially on the tips. Thus, you will ensure that there is no cut and get the result you are looking for.

Californian Wicks

Every summer, this look comes back strongly. And, there is nothing more palatable than a wavy palazzo with the tips cleared for the summer months.

Balayage Wicks

This type of wicks consists of applying them in small tufts and in light tones to illuminate the mane. It is a style that is very natural and is perfect for achieving a similar finish to the hair after having been in the sun.

Getting some balayage wicks at home is the simplest. With the advice of

this video, you will become an expert:

To prevent dyed hair from acquiring orange tones, apply Olia Super Matting. It’s violet pigments will neutralize the orange reflections and leave you with the sound you were looking for.

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