Occasionally, the hair is weakened and loses thickness and strength, resulting in a dull, weak, and volume less mane. If you have beautiful hair, you have probably tried all kinds of remedies, but here we tell you how to strengthen it step by step so that you get it once and for all. Don’t be afraid to use the best flat iron for fine hair, the main thing is to use protection.Follow each level for strong and healthy hair:

Your hair is what you eat

One of the most common causes of beautiful hair has its origin in food. A bad diet can cause the hair to weaken and become brittle. Therefore, to strengthen the hair from within, you must take care of what you eat.

An increase in protein consumption can improve hair structure so lean meats, eggs, and fish – among others – will be your best allies. Vegetable fats also help in the search for stronger hair. You will find them in nuts, perfect as a mid-morning snack, and avocado, the trendy fruit!

Create your care routine

When caring for thin and weakened hair, it is essential to follow a method according to the needs of the mane. Also, it is crucial not to abuse washing as it can accelerate the weakening of the hair.

An excellent way to care for beautiful hair is to use products based on natural ingredients, such as the new Original Remedies Almond milk. Washing the hair with the shampoo of this range and accompanying it with its conditioner and mask, we will not only hydrate the hair in depth to strengthen it from the inside. Also, being a product with 98% natural ingredients, it is the best way to care for the hair without facing chemicals that can weaken it.

Pamper yourself

One of the most common causes of thin and weakened hair is stress. The fast pace we face every day has consequences in our body. Therefore, it is essential to try to relax and relieve stress from our lives. To do this, nothing better than spending a little time every day and enjoying it with something that makes you disconnect. A different plan works for each one, and it can be a bath or a reading time. Discover what makes your mind clear and do it every day! Your body will notice and your hair too.

Your head also needs a massage

A lovely way to strengthen the hair is through a massage. How do you hear it! Every night, before bed, massage your scalp with your fingers making circular movements. This simple massage will activate blood circulation, which stimulates hair growth. If you are constant, you are likely to notice the difference, and your hair is gaining strength. Test it!

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