Oily hair can be a real nightmare for many. It usually gives an aspect of dirt that is uncomfortable but ending it is easier than you think.

Choose well with what you wash it, it is important

When it comes to cleaning your oily hair, you must choose a shampoo that meets your needs. For this, we recommend the Original Remedies Clay and Lemon Shampoo. The clay has a tremendous absorbent power that will remove excess fat while the lemon will purify the mane leaving a refreshing sensation. You will get hooked!

While washing oily hair is essential, it is also vital that you do not abuse it. By subjecting the mane to an excessive wash, you will eliminate the natural fat of the hair, and this will try to compensate it by generating more sebum. Although it is complicated, try to space the washes, at least one day yes and another not to balance the scalp fat production. A trick so that it does not cost you so much is to collect your hair on the days between washes. In addition to the hair looking cleaner, you will be less tempted to touch it, one of the most common reasons for the hair to grease.

Choose the morning

The time of washing is also essential when we talk about oily hair. Even if you like to enjoy the moment of disconnection of showering at night, do not wash your hair at that time. It is better that you wash it in the morning since the sebaceous glands – responsible for generating the fat in the nose – work more at night. Thus, if you soak in the morning, you will correctly remove the fat that has been produced at night.

Control the temperature

We know how pleasant it can be to take a shower with boiling water, but it is not the most suitable for oily hair. Excessive water temperature can open the cuticle excessively and weaken the hair. The warm water allows it to be opened wide enough to clean the hair deeply and remove the fat properly. Coldwater, on the other hand, closes the cuticle, so it does not allow you to wash your hair intensely.

Your hair is what you eat

At this point, you will surely know the importance of following a healthy diet, but you may not know that what you eat also has consequences for the health of your hair. Therefore, you should avoid foods with saturated fats such as fried foods, chocolate, or red meat as they cause an increase in sebum production.

Remember that you are what you eat, hair included!

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